AECOM's Temporary Modular Wall System Solves Multiple Legacy Issues

Digital technology cannot solve all of the legacy problems plaguing the inherently physical construction industry. Innovations are happening across processes and systems, as well. Consider the temporary walls that crop up at countless construction sites. They take several trades to build and are discarded after each use on a project. These temporary walls are especially prevalent on repositioning and renovation projects, where separating spaces is extremely important. Recognizing this area’s long overdue need for innovation, AECOM has developed a revolutionary solution called X-Closure.

X-Closure is a patent-pending panelized system for creating fire-rated, weather-proof, temporary barriers. The panels are designed to interlock on all sides, forming walls without the need for mechanical fasteners, other than at the top and bottom track.

This novel design, informed by AECOM’s long history in construction, provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Components can be reused many times on the same or different projects, significantly reducing waste and qualifying for LEED points;
  • The interlocking panel geometry means walls can be installed roughly five times faster than legacy barriers;
  • Panels are designed to fit inside most passenger elevators in patent-pending custom carts that make deployment faster and more efficient, saving labor
  • The assembly features a proprietary fire seal and installations are one-hour fire rated (ASTM E119 1‑Hour);
  • The walls are designed to meet acceptable deflection criteria for 90 MPH wind loads and can be used in exterior-facing conditions;
  • The installation creates much less dust and noise than a traditional temporary wall system; and
  • Multiple panel configurations allow for floor-to-floor heights up to 16 feet.
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