AECOM Upends Status Quo with OneDesign

Think of a building’s mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) infrastructure as its central nervous system. These systems must run in synergy in order to be effective. Historically, to get to that point, MEP trades coordinate the work after contract award because bid documents don’t contain enough detail to make it happen sooner. So, the majority of clashes and conflicts typically occur in the field, after contractors are already on-board. This is the process that is always followed. That is, until AECOM Tishman challenged the status quo with a proprietary process called OneDesign.

When utilizing OneDesign, AECOM Tishman brings in a group of MEP experts to work with the design team to develop fully coordinated shop-level drawings. This results in the majority of coordination issues being discovered and addressed prior to any contract awards. This creates tighter bids with less contingencies. In turn, the need for costly change orders is minimized, preventing clashes and conflicts in the field.

OneDesign minimizes the need for costly change orders, preventing clashes and conflicts in the field

Although the solution might seem simple, the complexity lies in its execution. A number of sub-processes must work concurrently to preserve critical design-bid-build roles, responsibilities and liabilities. OneDesign requires the skillful use of technology and the administration of a carefully organized coordination process that cannot be easily duplicated. This takes a knowledgeable team with firsthand experience and results in a high level of collaboration throughout the project team.

AECOM Tishman has implemented OneDesign on several projects – including One Vanderbilt in New York City – resulting in MEP bids that are 50-percent tighter and with just 2-percent spread, coordination processes that are three times faster and clients locking-in more favorable financing terms sooner.

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