Future of Construction

OneDesign: redefining MEP coordination.

A building’s mechanical, electrical and plumbing infrastructure function as its central nervous system, running in synergy. Conflicts between these systems and a building’s structure typically emerge after contractors are on board, leading to costly change orders. That is, until OneDesign, our proprietary process for earlier MEP coordination.

4D: building what has never been built before.

Turning a model that lives in a computer into a physical object in the real world requires precise sequencing and planning. When constructing complex projects in dense environments, 4D is a valuable tool in conceptualizing construction operations by introducing the fourth dimension – logistics.

X-Closure: a temporary modular wall system.

In the inherently physical construction industry, it’s not just digital technologies causing sweeping transformations. Consider the wasteful temporary walls that crop up at countless sites, especially repositioning projects. Our X-Closure system is reusable, fire-rated, endlessly configurable, and easy to assemble.

Cocoon: self-climbing safety enclosures.

Wrapped around the highest floors, cocoon safety systems protect workers and those below. The problem with these systems? Raising them with the height of the building is time consuming and labor intensive. New self-climbing cocoons powered by hydraulic lift jump floors four times faster and with less manpower.

Capture: performance through data.

Decisions in construction often rely on subjective experiences, not hard data. As the industry embraces digital practices, this precedent is beginning to shift. Capture integrates the latest technology into a single platform to interpret relevant data.

Haystack: on demand construction documents.

More than 50,000 documents are created over the life of a supertall building’s construction. Technologies allow for shared document management systems, but navigating to a specific file takes time – it’s like finding a needle in a Haystack. That’s the inspiration behind Haystack, a mobile app that pushes relevant material to users based on their geolocation.

Studio H: refining prefabricated construction.

How vital is it to have a construction team dedicated to the unique and special needs of healthcare customers? Faster, improved, and less expensive delivery of patient care is not only life-changing, but life-saving. Studio H is our collaborative lab for refining prefab and modular construction techniques of healthcare facilities.

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One World Trade. One Model. Building Dense. Repositioning. Video Game Technology. Take a deeper look at some of the trends that will continue to shape the industry.